Saekano Flat Episode 9 Continued: Spotting the mistake!

Wow. Almost the entirety of Saekano community is shaken by this episode alone.

I’m astonished, honestly.

When was the last time an anime made you go full on emotion switch?
I’m not talking about shocking events that externally affect the characters; I’m more about the characters’ choice of action in which directly affect others and ultimately, heavily moving the story.

This is frankly what made Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Flat come to its dramatic climax as of current; the female characters that most of us turn our blind eyes on and simply call them Tomoya’s harem.

FYI the last harem piece of work that had me feeling so much intensity was Grisaia no Kajitsu. My God, the girls were (traumatic) something. I said piece of work because I’m talking about the visual novel while the link is for the anime.
The anime version for the first season is just rush b cyka trash blyat.
Thankfully, the last part of the trilogy saved the title in a way nobody (that isn’t a fan) expected.

Alright. It’s my turn to expose the show’s weakness in place of Kasumigaoka Utaha!

Put this on repeat while you read.


It is Utaha’s  ‘accidental angry’ mode song in full version. Unless you have the OST CD, you wouldn’t know that the piano part isn’t a track on its own!

So, what happened?


In the ninth episode, after being asked to work on Blessing Software’s second project, Utaha took on the role of the bad girl and told Tomoya outright that she couldn’t be a part of his circle anymore. She THEN proceeded to tell him that he wasn’t fit to be a producer with that nature of his.

Back to Episode Seven


In the classroom scene where Tomoya had lunch with Utaha, remember that they are talking about future plans while Utaha lectures Tomoya about condoning Eriri’s slump attitude on top of it.

You're not helping in this matter, Tomoya


I’ve also given an alternate (original, rather) story to the anime version.


This scene is where Fumiaki-sensei went wrong in writing the script for the seventh episode. I mean, come on! It’s HIS work. How could he actually forget a few important lines from Utaha that would have actually taken five seconds of screen time? Her sexual harassment on Tomoya was funny and all but if that was done at a cost of not putting this part in – that was your mistake, sir.

Now put this one on because we need to cry over his mistake.


Like I’ve said before – How am I supposed to laugh at this comedy anime if the soundtrack is literally screaming CLANNAD all over the place?!


Kasumigaoka Utaha did indeed tell Tomoya that a certain game company had made an offer to her. She however didn’t say whether she’d accept it or not, maybe because she hadn’t actually accepted it. She also had said that she was going to pursue her novel writing career, as if it wasn’t obvious enough. Simply by omitting these out of the seventh episode easily made Utaha look like a full on bitch, really.

She also mentioned the fact that she wanted to work with Eriri again.

Utaha's Wish


That part is fine but if Fumiaki-sensei really wanted us to play detective with only this much hint then sorry – that was poorly done.

I’d assume that they went to a meeting with Akane somewhere during episode 8 because you know, while Tomoya and Megumi were having cute time together, the writer illustrator duo were off the screen.

Although, this doesn’t really excuse the fact that what Utaha had done to Tomoya in episode 9 was cruel, as a friend.

A lot of people have commented already on:

  • How she shouldn’t be running away from Tomoya just because he lacks the stats in which Kousaka Akane has.
  • How she should maybe use her mouth to communicate better – be frank (something that Utaha is best known for yet completely lacked between episode 7 to 9) to tell him about his faults before leaving and not the other way around. This is literally the Ice Queen not being herself hence serves as the largest contribution to the the uproar.
  • How (good) friends shouldn’t be hiding secrets.

Oh damn, the last one wasn’t just any comment from us watchers it’s from Katou Megumi!
And there, folks; you can only partly excuse Kasumigaoka Utaha.

Stop the hate train!


I’m going to go deep into my personal experience and then you’ll see how this is highly relatable to what she has done. It’s from my past year in playing World of Warcraft.

I know some of my WoW guild members do read my blog so, shout out to you~

Inside World of Warcraft, I’m one of the higher ranking members of a social guild that happens to do everything on top of being ‘social’. That said, the guild looks extremely attractive to new players because we have what many players are looking for.

Through times, these people and I do things in game together to the point that formality no longer exists. We start to understand, harmlessly insult (I know right) and help out each other. Yes – this is how you unconsciously make friends from stranger status in real life. All of it is built with trust as the backbone.

Now here is when it gets nasty, just like episode 9. Notice that I haven’t called any of the players I’ve been having good times with ‘friends’, and this is where reality strikes. Our guild is obviously not the top of the ladder in anything, PvP or PvE. The people who’ve been with me for so long got to learn many things about the game and eventually it got to the point of being unable to progress because we cannot as a guild. Naturally, I didn’t know any of this until they’d left to another place. What majority of the leavers did were the exact same thing Utaha did. Some just leave (we couldn’t care less about this type). Most gave us their reason of dissatisfaction and then left immediately. Some do the latter and then the former.

Of course, nobody were happy about the events that unfold. Let’s not talk about who was the most unhappy because that really wouldn’t have made the situation any better.

The real deal here is that – it is THEIR life, THEIR future. I have no right even as an officer of the guild, to tell any of these people that they cannot leave. I do not own these people. They’ve left to the obviously better guild progression wise and our guild doesn’t have what it takes to nurture their skills. Oh and for the info, the ‘better guilds’ are pretty much like Kousaka Akane – strict, harsh on rules and fearless. They will kick you out even for inactivity as opposed to my guild. But they have what we don’t – efficiency, something the people of this generation wants SO BAD because nobody likes spending 6 hours in a raid; better guilds can do it in half the time.

Kasumigaoka Utaha


Put this on so you can come to contemplation.


So, for her – she really is just pursuing her career (pretty sure I’ve said the same thing above). And she has found a better place, just put Akane’s years of experience against Tomoya’s wild dream. Do it.


I hope they didn’t intentionally leave this part out too


In the light novel, after reading Eriri’s apology message, Utaha tells Tomoya that she doesn’t want him to forget her, so she decided to taint his memory with a trauma that he’d never forget. She says there’s another reason for her betrayal, but she won’t tell him because it would save him. She says she’d rather be remembered and hated by him for a lifetime.


This puts friendship into a big question since what Utaha has done to Tomoya clearly isn’t what real friends do.

That’s right – Utaha knows of the consequences and is willing to have Tomoya forget her as a friend altogether. Even if no longer friends, she wishes to still be able to at least talk to him as somebody and not as strangers, hence the need to carve a traumatic memory into his head.

But know this, going back to my WoW story again.

The people that have angered me and the guilds have left to a better place, later on it’s only natural that I realize they don’t belong in my guild to stay scrub forever. We just talk to each other like normal people do. Sure, the formalities formed up again but we definitely are not strangers anymore. Different day, different matter.




Tomoya does the same, in fact. He realizes that he has screwed around with the duo for far too long and it is definitely too late to be fixing the issues.

Their lives are pressing forward, his isn’t.

Tomoya is still stuck around dreaming of making the best galge ever to the point that rarely anything about him has changed, including his attitude towards the members as pointed out by the furious Katou Megumi in episode 8.


So he meets up with the duo, much to their surprise after what they’ve really done to him. Tomoya wishes them good luck with their next project like a good boss should.

See? Tomoya IS a good guy.

Tomoya‘s nature


Utaha did in fact tell Tomoya that she couldn’t be working with him thanks to his nature (faults, according to her). I’ve stumbled upon Kyra’s post which happened to be published at the right time for me! Ah the convenience~

In the post, Kyra goes to give me (and eventually you) seriously satisfying explanation about Tomoya’s name and how it is a near perfect display of his personality.

If you haven’t figure this out already – not just in anime but also in real life, Japanese names are not picked up from outer space and slapped onto children or being used for the sake of being funny (like North West, what the actual f…).
Japanese names, in most cases, are extremely well thought out so if you happen to like a certain character please do some research on their names because you’re basically in for a lifetime fan service.

My name, though not Japanese, is also well thought out so I have my parents to thank~

Oh and please DO READ the post because it’s so good and I’m not going to plagiarize their work, haha!


Right, so now I hope that I’ve convinced you – Kasumigaoka Utaha doesn’t really deserve most of the backlash she has got in a single episode.

Which leaves…

Sawamura Spencer Eriri


Put this song on because she needs to cheer up. You help her out on that.


Oh boy, where do I start with her…

Right, let me take my comment from episode 9 looking into here.

This is probably the biggest setback for a Tsundere character – The lack of real courage!

In short – Eriri pretty much gave into the pressure. Remember that it took three episodes to explore Eriri’s slump after Nasu Kogen? In real time it was about two months. Winter Comiket was in December and Eriri still couldn’t do the first drawing for the new project in February.

Simply put, Eriri is that girl who is likely going to end up in AV industry if she ever needs money. She’s just as likely to end up smoking weed at parties.

Eriri is mentally weak.

Like, name me five Tsundere female heroines that you’ve come to love and give me three reasons as to why you love them to bits. None of the three reasons can have anything to do with their appearance, attitude or ‘cuteness’. I want to know about their unique personalities and possible developments, if any.

Because you see, Tsundere is a legendary tier cliche that will never, ever die out. The Tsundere personality is also set in stone – unable to be honest to oneself, quick tempered, does things according to feelings rather than logic.

Thankfully, Fumiaki-sensei is not scared of sacrificing a heroine. He’s purposely making you hate Eriri (not to the point that you’ll want to kill her, the hell?) because her reasoning of having to leave Tomoya is the exact same as Utaha’s BUT with additional, emotional drive.

I haven’t talked about romance the in the last two thousand words of this post despite Saekano Flat being of romance genre. That’s because it is only Eriri out of the duo who has been feeling romantically swayed.


Going a little off topic now – let’s skip the small talk and just cut to the chase on the two achievements Saekano has gotten itself.

One being that the destined girl is not a true Tsundere. Katou…
Another one being that the destined girl is not a childhood friend. KATOU!!!

That’s downright savage, breaking the everlasting trope.


Back on topic, in the message she says that, “I can’t draw when I’m beside Tomoya.”

"I'm sorry, Tomoya"

If that’s not being emotionally pressured then I don’t know what she is going through.

However, there was a lot going on in her head as Utaha had reminded her about losing oneself to Tomoya. That was what Eriri went through, she almost lost herself to Tomoya in order to become his number one.

The ‘Tomoya’s number one‘ Eriri illustrated some of the most beautiful pictures, even Akane was pleased. When Eriri fell into a slump, her work became something Akane admitted was easy to replicate. Eriri sure knew that she could never get back to the top again because she couldn’t draw when she was beside Tomoya. She also couldn’t do the same job as when she was in Nasu Kogen (away from Tomoya).

Eriri ultimately decided to be away from it all, both ‘Tomoya’s number one’ self and ‘Nasu Kogen’ self. Away from the past. Kousaka Akane was just too damn good of an opportunist.

So to end this, Eriri is the more selfish one in the departure event by not telling Tomoya about it herself and leaving Utaha to take the blame. Worse off, she’s not really betrayed Tomoya but rather Megumi, which is why if consequent seasons do happen – it’ll be a long story revolving around Eriri and Megumi’s torn friendship.

Megumi struggles to figure out Eriri’s thought processes (’cause you know, Tsundere are hardly honest with themselves) as her best friend and eventually becomes quite dark, personality wise.


Yes, the duo may have caused some of you to be salty but please wish them luck!

Also, there is more that I wanted to write but instead, I think that replying to the comments with my view intact will be better.

This post is under the Wonder section, after all – if there’s nobody wondering about anything after reading this then I’m clearly doing it wrong!

All of the songs used are the soundtracks from Saekano anime. If you fancy any of them then I’m sure you should now know why I still haven’t stop singing praises for such an underrated aspect.

Please look forward to the end of the season~

7 thoughts on “Saekano Flat Episode 9 Continued: Spotting the mistake!

  1. Great article! Knowing some of things you explained does at least provide clarity into the characters motivations. I would suspect that such omissions might have been a way to institute more drama into the story especially if the author is involved in the series writing.

    I think there have been a few more hints as to what would happen especially with Utaha. In past episodes, she does remind Tomoya more or less that she was approaching a crossroads and there was a strong possibility that she was leaving.

    There are two other quick points that I feel are worth mentioning. The first is that both Utaha and Eriri clearly care for Tomoya. They both in their own way have said as much. Yeah it could be considered a bit of a cowardly way to approach the scenario. But I ask this of everyone who is upset at the characters- is there an easy way to let down someone you care about? I will concede that they took the “easier” way out but that type of situation is never easy in all fairness.

    I also wanted to mention real quick that let’s not forget that Akane knew where and how to hit those girls that meeting. Those girls never stood a chance.

    Great post and great insights!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know if it mentions in LN or not but i think Utaha doesn’t really want to join Akane’s project after find out Akane just want her to be a “babysitter” for Eriri. Utaha is a prideful type character after all.
    The main reason Utaha join Akane’s project is Eriri. She can’t leave Eriri alone, she is the one who want to meet Akane at the first place, so she takes responsibility and join it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Shokamoka!
    Glad you enjoyed the post on Tomoya’s name. I had initially planned on writing only about the main girls but once I took a second glance on his name I was like… “wait a moment, this is too good!”.
    Nice write up here, really helps sorting out the recent events, especially when the last few episodes kept playing with our feelings and shaking our minds.
    Thanks for the shoutout, cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No no. I thank you for doing God’s work for me!
      His name really is too good; I realized it the moment Utaha played with his Kanji to make ‘Rinri’ back in 2015!

      Well, ‘Megumi’ has already been revealed in first season episode 9, meaning ‘Blessing’. But ‘Katou’ is a very common surname, too!

      I know I’ve stumbled upon you blog very late (yesterday 😁) and you have over 50 entries but…

      Try out Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki haha 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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