Blasting My Headphones: HINOI Team – YEAH!

Man, this thing is literally more than a decade old yet I manage to remember it! Unlike all of the previous posts of blasting my headphones – this song isn’t on any of my music players. But it does indeed bring back funny memories.

I’m sure it’s still the case even for today. There are people out there that keep asking what can Japan do to top the level of weirdness every once in a while.

If you even care to look back to the past, you’re likely to be proud of yourself for the amount of weird shit the country has given the entertainment world. Half of it doesn’t even have anything to do with anime – and neither does this one!

So here we have a Japanese cover group which was active from 2005 to 2007, obviously covering songs by other artists. They gave the songs a Eurobeat twist to make them seem more than mere covers.

In this case, the original song was sung by Nakayama Miho back in 1997! This cover came out nearly a decade later.


Watch the video not for the girls but for Koriki Choshu, the man in the middle!


Now that I’ve heard Eurobeat once again, it’s time to run playlists of Initial D soundtracks…

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