5 thoughts on “Heart-pounding Status Update!

  1. Welcome, to the ranting side. Jokes aside, we all need a Sansa (from KADO) and maybe a time stopping ability. It was nice to read this, not only because it’s always somehow good to find others in the same situation, heh. What a great choice of Anime: all of them (with Natsume in my opinion at the top of this class) are so soul healing.

    Now, Reality calls so I’ll leave saying that I’ll never underline enough the fact that Reality is a bitch.

    By the way, thanks for sharing the Chicken wraps, I now know of another recipe.

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    1. Freaking Natsume man. Stabs then heals my heart and repeat.

      For your food; don’t just eat noodles – boil then fry it with meat and some veges. I know I’m cheap but it’s one of those times in need…

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      1. Indeed, Natsume is really great. And the fact that I, someone who dislikes episodic Anime, say that, just show how good it is (well, always in my opinion at least).

        …I’m too lazy to even try cook noodles. I usually just fry eggs and put them in a sandwich, with zucchini when I find them in the fridge. I don’t even take 10 minutes I think. Alternatively, I just eat an omelet (I’ve been having a thing for eggs lately).


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