Out of the Comfort Zone – Serious regulations when things get out of hand (Part 2)

Every year, Kadokawa runs a light novel competition in which the winner instantly gets published. That was all fine and well until recently; an absurdly huge portion of Isekai (異世界)otherworldly stories are entering. Remember that we consumers in the West only get to see published things, and that along should be enough hint as to how bad the Japanese are really having it.

This year Kadokawa is releasing a new publishing label called Novel 0 (Zero) and has boldly placed a regulation for any new coming entries that can go into it.

No Isekai titles/story allowed.


Yeap. Even they are sick of seeing Re:This and Re:That. FYI, it is Kadokawa that’s publishing almost every single of the Re: stories right now.

No. Don’t take this the wrong way, they are not banning on the basis of hate. Their intention is actually understandable if you even care to read below…

Kadokawa’s new publishing label, Novel 0, is focusing on adult consumers who clearly are not fond of this type of story and settings. Since Isekai is one of the most successful recipe in this decade, there’s absolutely no reason to reject it when profit potential is huge.

It’s overall a good move, their parent publishing label will continue as it is. The same old Kadokawa we hate to love (because of the shits they do to authors for profit).

Remember this!


Please, for the love of God, do not shove Sword Art Online into the same category as the suspects. Now that the issue of Isekai story is coming to bright light, SAO currently stands as the only mainstream anime to cooperate the idea of virtual reality being accessed/played by the characters and not having them transported via fictional means, into another world. See, when the times get bad, the baddies really do dig themselves out of the hole.

Be careful about who you called ugly in high school. They may not transform into the most stunning people on Earth but they will at the very least, exist as the proof of your flaw in visual judgement and ignorance.

No works starring teenage protagonists.


Ouch. Right in the butt for some of us.

This is especially true as it is pretty much a bundle that comes with Isekai stories. How many great anime out there actually features adult protagonists?

I can think of a few already on top of my head – Fate/Zero, Cowboy Bebop, Baccano! Psycho Pass, Hellsing, BERSERK. See, the thing is all of these are action series. I would love some more variety like slice of life, Hachimitsu to Clover, etc.


Let alone a female at that. I’m specifically talking about anime with the PROTAGONIST character being female, not anything from the perspective of a male protagonist alongside a female main cast.



This is where most people actually have go back in time and pull out some of the classic/last decade titles and that’s also where the current generation of anime gets ridiculed.

If you ever try to google this out of curiosity, you’ll see a bunch of random blog sites stating their ‘best girls’ while ranking one of the most fitting character, The Major (Motoko Kusanagi) from Ghost in the Shell, quite low on their list. I’m pretty sure this is one of those subjects that have the final seal of judgement on them. *Sigh*

Putting female protagonist issue aside, we still have a teenage male who, in anime, apparently has the ability to either stay a virgin or rack up multitudes of pussies in a season, regardless of genre.

A teenage male protagonist is probably the safest bet for any content creator mainly because of social implicitness. At this point it is a good reminder that your views on ethics probably don’t align with the Japanese. That’s also when you make the issue yours when it wasn’t one for the Japanese to begin with.

Let’s be even more realistic on this. In anime, any sexual accidents involving male being on the wrong usually end up as comedy and that’s simply because we accept it. This all led to the massive occurrences of harem anime because what’s better than running into a naked girl?

Running into two or more naked girls!

Girls have their share too, actually. Haven’t seen enough tits groping scenes whenever girls go to a hot pool?

Rather than trying to unwittingly even out the scale, this actually adds weight into the already heavier side of the issue. The females doing things in question are hardly the protagonists; they are either main and/or supporting characters giving us fan service that we sometimes love or hate.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, damn.

By the way, I’m not saying it’s okay. Why does my little opinion matter anyway? It won’t make a dent in the Japanese culture whatsoever.

And that is where boycotting comes into the best effect. Though, it usually takes a lot of effort and resources (time, money, etc.) the most efficient way of going about it is to loudly, vocally hate on them.


At the very least, they are making a move to cater the untapped, older demographic for profit and likely loyal consumers. Guess who else has been doing this? That’s right.

P.A. Works and their working series. The result is exactly what you see now with Sakura Quest; most viewers of the show definitely are NOT teenagers but mostly 18+ adults who are looking for slices of their lives.



Okay, I lied about triggering you. Maybe in the next part I’ll really do it.

4 thoughts on “Out of the Comfort Zone – Serious regulations when things get out of hand (Part 2)

  1. Hello! What’s the issue with Kadokawa and what they do the authors?

    You made me pause. While I am not a voracious anime consumer as I was before, I realized the amount of anime I watched with older main characters have become far and few between. The characters in Rage of Bahamut are supposed to be older, isnt it? And yeah, Fate Zero… I love that series.

    I remembered asking the writer Cho (from englishlightnovels.com) as to the amount of isekai coming out lately. And perhaps many young readers also wanted to escape from reality. Maybe there’s really a psychological and sociological thing to it that’s why Isekai is very popular in the Light Novel medium. Too bad I’m still just halfway on the Danmachi light novels bec. I certainly want to go back to certain novels in j-novel club (the realist hero novel).


    1. Hey! Well how can I say this…
      Kadokawa, like all big brands in any industry, seek profit whenever they have opportunity. The two recent ones I’ve heard and confirmed are…
      1. KonoSuba – season 3 will not happen as the anime was admitted to be solely an advertising method so that people can actually buy and read the light novels, which are way ahead story wise.
      This is nothing new, I am sure that a few years later we will see the third season as the first two season of the anime will be so old, they need something to bring back the hype. Just look at No Game No Life. That’s another recent example with the new ‘Zero’ coming up.
      In summary that’s exactly why we love to hate them, we love their awesome published contents but the way they have authority on anime production at all is urgh.
      2. Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata – the author really didn’t want his original work to be dragged on forever because he actually wrote it with much effort. Story integration in there was so good he managed to shove some of the best story inside the most overrated genre out there (rom-com-harem). Anyway because of ‘the powers that be’ (his word) he’s writing a spin off currently, on top of working on the script for the second season of Saekano Flat. The next volume (13th) will be the last and will settle the story! This second point is much more valid in manga publishers where shounen titles are dragged on forever, like Nisekoi.


  2. I think Kadokawa themselves are realizing that it’s time for a change. I like that, because LNs actually focus on adults before with titles like Spice and Wolf. God, remember when Light Novels have a smart discussion piece to them? I think they’re just looking ahead though, seeing what kind of writers they’d get after the other worldly craze dies down.

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