Me love some Ani-Mei!

So I went back to play Overwatch after the one year anniversary patch has been enabled. The first thing I always do when there’s a new patch is checking out the hero gallery to see what will be worth my coins and/or real money.

It’s no secret that even Blizzard knows anime. Some of the heroes’ references are taken straight from some of the most influential titles, characters, etc.

Take D.Va for example. The design of hero D.Va is heavily influenced by Neon Genesis Evangelion while her legendary tier emote has a subtle reference to Vegeta’s over 9000.

The new patch in May 2017 gives nearly all of the heroes new dance moves. All of them have a reference and that’s the fun of it; you have to find out!

It has been only two days when the anniversary patch has been enabled and I’m pretty damn sure that among the players, news or rather memes, spread like fire regarding Mei and her dance…

Boy, my Otaku radar broke when I saw this.



What Blizzard has done here is giving a hero that best represents the country of China a Japanese anime reference. Should we be salty about this?

I don’t know about you but I’m not.

While this dance could have been given to the Shimada brothers (Genji and Hanzo), whom are of real Japanese, I can see the point of passing it on to Mei.

Actually, Genji has a cool dance so leave him alone. Hanzo on the other hand… the hell?

If you don’t play Overwatch at all then this may be an amusing read.

Mei, in the simplest way, can be described as Teemo to League of Legends. She’s cancer! A cute one at that, though! Her abilities break every but one rule of an FPS game but that’s exactly what makes Overwatch complex and fun; it’s not an FPS game.

Just take Solokiso‘s videos with a grain of salt. Don’t mind his editing – it’s there to cater the kids.


More cancer…


As far as cancer go, the name Mei will forever stick in the heads (if not the hearts) of the players. Add the Hare Hare Yukai (I DARE YOU TO WATCH IT) to a lovely yet infectious character and you have something that will require Men In Black to remove the memories.

Oh and if you really need help with the reference, Hare Hare Yukai is an ending theme song to the anime Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya).


Have a good day while I farm loot boxes in hopes of actually getting this dance move! My Otaku instinct tells me that I must have it!

3 thoughts on “Me love some Ani-Mei!

  1. It surprised me at first and I went, “oh wow they actually did that” but either way, it’s still a nice reference to Haruhi.


    1. One of the comments I’ve seen about the reference is this…
      If you’re gonna weeb then weeb it proud. It’s HARE HARE YUKAI dont just call it anime dance…



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