A Difficult First (Sakura) Quest

Ah, finally I have the free time to write about something else other than Saekano!

Hello there! This will practically be a ‘Looking Into‘ post where I pretty much recap most of the episode, add commentary and where applicable, add insights and wise philosophies! All in all it’s more than just a review.


A part of P.A. Works’ working series which like the two before it, set up a coherently decent story that instantly hooked me up within the first 4 minutes, opening song included.

It was also the four minutes which got me into thinking that Koharu was really the case of what if Miyamori Aoi didn’t get into anime producing job in Tokyo.

Put that hairpin on and change the colors – wala~


I’ll let you know of what really got me sold on this anime

Bless me now!
I know she’s not trying to be funny but hell, that was funny!

I’m seriously waiting for the day she gets her blessing while cheering her on. It’s probably going to happen near the end!


So I was off for a good start. I knew I was safe when Koharu displayed pretty much all the traits of a fearless youngster. It’s not like I haven’t been there before; having been switching jobs all around I can certainly see myself laughing at her for panicking in a job interview – at myself if I get into her shoes. Relations are always the key to a good slice of life show. There are exceptions but regardless to the number of slices in the show, I don’t think that I can enjoy it if not a single slice is mine.

Not even seven minutes into the first episode, I still hadn’t stopped giggling because the amount of shit Koharu went through in that short period of time is bliss. Her braveness just made it look funnier/sadder depending on whether you’re a sadist or masochist.

I mean, just look at her being brave here…

Be honest – would you dare?

Rookie mistakes for a veteran position


This probably only happens in Japan, haha! It’s really just one of those real life Kanji issues that are being used as a joke in anime. Well, they called the wrong girl for the job. Under normal circumstances, the employer had to make up for any mistakes made. Before that could (unlikely) happen though, she somewhat took on the challenge.

The Queen to Be!
Keep being brave, girl!


Everybody makes mistakes.

Sakura Quest takes this literally.

Next time, read the damn contract! This includes the widely ignored terms and conditions if you’re putting your life’s line on it.


Well, she’s stuck in this shit for a year whether she likes it or not.
Now, onto a very forgettable ceremony to make Koharu the new Queen.

You know what wasn’t boring? Spotting the snoozer losers!


I was told a back story about Chupakabura – it was so boring I almost looked away. Thankfully even the characters in the anime knew it was boring, one hero of a lad saved the day.


There are two types of people


On the way to an accommodating lodge, Koharu and Shiori had one of probably the most meaningful conversation cliche in anime. I never said it’s a bad thing. If anything, this kind of talk should get more spotlight in anime!

Both of the girls are born in the country but there is a clear difference between them, at least at the time of this conversation.

The City-wannabe Girl


The Real Country Girl


From what I understand, this had a lot to do with the concept of change and what people want with the place they live in. Koharu probably saw that she couldn’t change anything in her country hometown so she was obediently set on living life in a city, Tokyo at that too. Shiori on the other hand was absolutely happy with what she got in sight and wanted to really share her happiness with others.

Funnily I feel the same way when I had the motivation to start this blog back in Valentine’s Day – I really just want to share my excitement and happiness to you guys. Oh, I think we call it passion.

She also proved that love conquers all!
P.S. Marry me!


After Koharu found out that the contract (which she didn’t read) was in effect for a full year, to hell she ran. This feels extremely nostalgic to me because there are so many possibilities when it comes to a person running away from home on their feet. Trust me; I have been that person multiple times when I was a young rebel. Sakura Quest wasn’t being unique in the retrieval (of the runaway girl) tactic, just your typical horrible play you see in your school’s drama club.

Koharu’s response on the other hand was one hell of a rare breed.

Memeface Koharu
Koharu is seriously a contender for memeface queen, a title currently held by Karasuma Chitose of Girlish Number.



Don't screw with Koharu!
Now we know that Koharu’s weapon of choice is definitely not a sword.


And that’s what happen when you run away from home during late night!
No one is awake to deal with your shit!

Locked out, Koharu went back to the palace in hopes of finding a warm place to sleep. She got more than what she bargained for.

Nostalgia Trip


I must say that having the ending song played during this scene really made it much better. A song can really lift a scene or ruin it completely (take Tales of Zestitria the X for an example of ruined scene). Well done P.A. Works!

Just when I thought she’d gone through enough crap


Nope. Apparently ripping her a new one every few minutes means business.


Well, that’s my free time well spent.

I’ve seen Sakura Quest to the latest episode but I don’t think that I’ve carefully looked into the story this much. I guess there’s a difference between having seen something and actually ‘watched’ it, after all.

It definitely won’t die, I’ll somehow make sure this keeps going!

See you next time, probably on an unrelated topic! ^_^’

One thought on “A Difficult First (Sakura) Quest

  1. Thanks for the write up. I’ve seen two episodes of this one and I might need to go back to it. I’ve been to Japan including some rural towns, though probably the more touristy ones. This show brought back memories of beautiful countryside Japan.

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