A little after Mid-May update :)

Oh no. I’m definitely alive, guys!

Two things that are pulling my leg hard right now:

I have managed to publish my Looking Into of Saekano Flat Episode 6 to the past, precisely 5 days ‘ago’ and that’s probably why it doesn’t show up on your feed…. 😣

The other being that my job is screwing with me in a way, showing me an entirely free weekday only to call me in to work Wednesday to Friday evenings. I’m a TERRIBLE sleeper so replenishing my energy for the day after’s work is never easy!

Now, onto the stuff that’s making me look like I am dead.

I’ve been helping out my buddies over in World of Warcraft lately because apparently great Holy Paladin is a rare breed. I hate holy paladins but I happen to have a paladin – retribution gets me nowhere because everyone is playing retribution specialization. #justwowthings

I’ve actually drafted many of the 30 Day Anime Challenge thanks to an unintentional motivation from alfredopasta!

And no, Saekano Flat is not the only thing I’ve been watching (lol). If you have been up to snuff with the pirates then you’ll know that Koe no Katachi is finally available online.

Go watch it!
Actually, don’t be like me and buy the DVD.

That also means an incoming review, yippee!

I may do one of those midseason reviews since I’ve actually been following the likes of Attack on Titan, Tsuki ga Kirei, Sakura Quest, Sakurada (Sagrada) Reset, Eromanga-sensei ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and what’s that Chinese ‘anime’, pretty much a Sword Art Online rip-off?

Yeah, that.

Signing out for now~

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