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  1. I only recently began following you, so I had to go back and read some of your work to be able to properly answer this question. Another blogger recently asked a very similar question, so I’ll try to help here.
    You mentioned that you assume your audience is watching the show and/or doesn’t mind spoilers. Though I’m not watching Saekano Flat, you did recently review it so I want to use it as an example of my perspective.
    I think you wrote the episode reviews in a funny and entertaining way, which is fitting for its genre. In general the review was fun to read, but since I’m not watching that show a lot of it is lost on me. I can appreciate the funny images and your jokes on a surface level but if I’m going to boil your review down to the bare bones it seems like a lot of rehashing the episode with funny comments
    Granted ep 2 might be special in that regard, but what you’ve done is mostly recap the episode that you assume your audience has already watched. If I’m going to read a review of it, I would be more interested in knowing what the blogger thought about it. Jokes are still totally fine, but they can be worked into the context of your reflection on the episode. I do see that you point out a lot of the subtext or remark on what’s going on with the characters. This is a plus point for me as it helps me understand what’s going on beyond the recap. Still, most of the time you make a brief point and then move on, so I don’t know how important it is to the story.
    That’s just my feelings on the matter and others’ opinion will almost certainly vary. For a brief answer to your question: I prefer more words, but I would like them to be your opinion and analysis rather than a summary and brief observation of what happened.
    Also I wouldn’t go back and revise what you’ve already done. Sometimes it helps to analyze your writing and see whether or not shifts in style are working for your readers or not.

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