Looking into Saekano Flat Episode 1: Chivalry of Creators

After being let out of Fan Service Episode 0, I got thrown into another feud between Eriri and Utaha (sigh) right at the start of the first episode of the season!

The thing is, this episode FINALLY solved the mystery as to why it (Eriri and Utaha barking at one another) happened for the last 14 episodes, including fan service ones.

Right, I’m getting into a time traveling machine for this.

To a year before this episode…

So it seemed Kasumigaoka Utaha was truly happy that the biggest Otaku in school managed to have her work allowed into the library.



And just like how I’m curious about ‘who’s going to read this post’…
Utaha was curious about whether anyone has read her book. She was taken in for a surprise…

It has katakana writing present; have a guess!

Notice me, Senpai!

Having someone popular noticing your work; that’s practically the same pleasure as having senpai noticing you. However, Utaha is literally the senpai in this situation.

Woah. Majestic much!


I was kinda fully expecting this – Eriri being super jealous of any other girl approaching her childhood friend Tomo-
What she did to add onto her character made my jaw dropped in fear. It was like she tried to scare a lion with her words, just only her voice.

Eriri went trash talking mode for a good minute there! She even said that by hanging out with Tomoya, her (Utaha’s) reputation would be in ruin because he’s an Otaku. Ah! The memories; this goes way back to her arc, episodes 8 and 9 in the first season.

Well, no lions would be scared if there was only a human in sight. Utaha wasn’t scared a tiny bit, too. If anything, Eriri dug her own huge hole by finding out that Kasumigaoka Utaha was Utako Kasumithe author of the light novel that she loved so much.

Life lesson for all of you; do not trash talk strangers!



 Time Travel-ception!

I have to applaud the director for this very neat idea. By using manga frames, I could easily tell that whatever I saw in those very scenes were not from the same time period but rather they were ‘intermissions’.

 When Senpai really notices you!

As if Eriri didn’t dig her own hole big enough…


Both having found out their true identities, they concluded that they are of the same level Otaku…
With one exception.

I just love how the entirety of this series is pretty self aware, love, sex and all.
Both of the girls are well aware that their works are dedicated to Tomoya. However, Eriri was motivated to do her work as a form of revenge while Utaha did it to manipulate others (she was rejected by Tomoya and didn’t want to be the only lonely girl in the world).

Regardless of method, one thing is clear as said by Utaha herself:
“Even if our works were created out of revenge or calculation, shall they be moved by it – they lose.”

That was such a lovely dramatic moment, only to be followed by the some of the best trope comedy of all time. Check it out:

Eriri: You’re using your technique to lead him (Tomoya) on.
Utaha: Such accusations have no effect on me coming from someone using sex to entice men.

*Utaha checked that Eriri is Tomoya’s childhood friend*

Utaha: They say that personal connections aren’t about time.
Eriri: I’ve also heard that people quickly get over love at first sight.
Utaha: Childhood friends tend to be the losers in games and anime.
Eriri: Only a handful of games have older characters that become the main heroine. (Utaha is the oldest heroine)
Utaha: Blonde foreign characters are usually third-rate options.
Eriri: Long, black-haired characters usually make the protagonist unhappy.
Utaha: It’s usually the childhood friend characters that are the burden.

I’m 300% sure that Kasumigaoka Utaha dealt multiple killing blows to Sawamura Spencer Eriri. The winner was clear as day.

And THIS is exactly how it got to the point of this episode; they are still barking at each other non-stop.

I died laughing from that scene alone.

And so, they died too.


Meanwhile Kato was still being cut off the frame. Good job on keeping up that gag.

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