SPOILING Eromanga-Sensei and Saekano! I feel like a devil now.

Since anime has always been behind with ‘adaptation’, I got too excited and went all out with reading light novels, namely those two.

Reading light novels have always been that one way you can spoil yourself and still be left with huge amount of imagination because lots are still lacking. Unlike Manga, adaptations from light novels to anime can be done with serious amount of compromises which most of the time improves the quality of the content.

So, even with event spoilers, you’ll still be left to wonder how it will go down in anime if it does at all…

Given that it is A-1 Pictures adapting both of these two titles, I have extremely high hopes that they will adapt the entirety of source material.



As of this post, Eromanga-Sensei! has reached Volume 9.
While on the way there has been a bunch of fun trip just like OreImo has been. We’re finally left with the same move being pulled on us albeit less creepy.

Here’s an event that happened on volume 8:

“Hey… Onii-san.”
“What is it? Sagiri.”
“Can… Can I stop calling you “Onii-san’?”
The little sister said those words with a smile.
And along with it, tears started flowing down.
“Can… Can I stop pretending to be a little sister?”
Of course, I couldn’t ask why.
After all, we’ve already talked a lot about the past to understand each other.
“I’ve already talked a lot about myself, right? …Then, you should understand, right? I… I don’t want to become siblings with you.”
Sagiri is holding her fist on her knee.
And with a slight whisper,
“I, I… The relationship that I wish for is, not family…”
I stopped Sagiri’s line with my hand and voice.
“You’ve also heard my story, right? If so, you should’ve understood too. What I want is a family. I really, really want it no matter what.”
Sagiri is looking down dejectedly.
Even so, I don’t intend to give up on this.
I also don’t intend to let my little sister have such a sad face.
That’s why, I’m going to move forward with my plan.
I’ll probably regret it, but if it was the younger me, I’d probably shout it out without any hesitation.
Who the fuck cares? Or so.
That courage is now, slowly coming back to me.
“Sagiri. Please marry me.”

Yep. Proposed.
Well, the story is not ending there so let’s just wait and see what the author will pull this time.

Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata


News has been out and about for a while now that the entire series will end on the thirteenth volume, which means one last volume that contributes to the main story since currently there are twelve volumes out.

Given how first season of the anime covered up to volume 4, second season should cover up to volume 8 which means you can expect dark drama.

If A-1 is do things right, the final third season will happen. Pray!


Eriri, having not said anything about her departure to Kato, has chosen to betray Tomoya and ultimately Kato, who had just recently lectured Tomoya on how friends shouldn’t be hiding secrets.

Eriri: “Megumi…”
Kato: “Sorry for being so sudden.”
Eriri: “…Mmhm.”
Kato: “…Why?”
Kato: “Sorry, I really don’t understand what you are thinking this time, Eriri.”
Eriri: “Megumi…sorry but this is something between the creators.” (a similar excuse Tomoya used!)
Eriri: “It’s not something that concerns or makes sense to you.”
Kato: “Aki-kun is trying his hardest on the next project. He’s doing everything to make sure you can be a part of it.”
Kato: “And…why didn’t you tell him about it yourself?”
Kato: “Why did you shove the responsibility onto Kasumigaoka-senpai?”
Eriri: “T-That’s…”
Kato: “Didn’t want to make yourself look like the bad guy?”
Eriri: “Because…I didn’t want to see Tomoya sad.”
Kato: “So you know he would be sad huh…”
Eriri: “Ah…”
Kato: “Even so, you still decided to leave.”
Eriri: “Y-You are the same, Megumi…”
Kato: “Hmm?”
Eriri: “You didn’t come back to our circle.”
Eriri: “You didn’t help Tomoya out when he was in trouble.”
Kato: “…Sorry. You’re right, that was my fault.”
Eriri: “Then!”
Kato: “But I won’t be like that any more.”
Eriri: “Eh…”
Kato: “I won’t be like that again. I won’t leave the circle again.”
Kato: “Is this really okay, Eriri?”
Eriri: “W-What is?”
Kato: “Are you…really leaving?”
Eriri: “Ah…”
Kato: “So even something like that…”
Eriri: “Megumi…?”
Kato: “Sorry…barging in like this. Sorry…”
Eriri: “Uh…”
Kato: “But…that wasn’t how it was…”
Eriri: “—uh!”
Kato: “Something just feels completely wrong…!”


Tomoya went home and walked up the hill where he had his fateful encounter with Kato last year.

“The cherry blossoms are blooming.
Completely different from last year, the flowers are blooming.
…No, the cherry blossoms are the same.
It’s just that everything else is different.”

Tomoya noted that he was not the same boring consumer otaku from a year ago, but lamented that he was all alone in his broken world. Blessing Software was no more, Tomoya thought as he hurried home so he could lock himself in his room and cry his heart out.

A strong gust of wind stopped Tomoya in his tracks and he quickly closed his eyes. When he looked again, he caught the sight of a certain someone before him.

Stood atop the hill against the setting sun, a girl with a white hat.
“Short bob…”

Having realized what he’d been missing all along, Tomoya broke down in tears before the ever so nostalgic, true heroine that was Kato Megumi.

Skipping four volumes to a rocky path near end


The show got super intense halfway through the finish line, writing about how they reconcile will break my heart just like Kokoro Connect did so I won’t.

Let’s just get to the part we all are waiting for, from a romance show that is.

The destined girl.

In volume 12 we’re given back the good old times when the members of Blessing Software were able to be together, work together and enjoy things together.

Except for the flat girl who, having hung out with a bunch of Otaku for sooooooo long, has finally got a massive dent in her mental state. To top it all off, Tomoya has been a horrible gentlemen for a long time. Hey now, at least you should be thankful he isn’t a dense one.

Having feel betrayed by Tomoya (find out for yourself as to what the ‘betrayal’ really is), Kato is left to feel void and sad.

“I’m sorry Tomoya-kun. I can’t become your main heroine after all.”


Luckily, Kato has always been a strong willed one and as soon as she decides to do something, well shit you know it’s just going to happen.

Meanwhile, Michiru still acts like a clown…

A somewhat happy near end


Kato makes compromise in response to Tomoya’s selfishness, shows up at his house without telling him. There she meets Eriri whose friendship with her has recently mend.

And they blame Tomoya for all of the trouble.


For the last time, Utaha tries to rape Tomoya (long live the gag!) only to be interrupted by Michiru in scene.


At the end we have an epilogue that will decide flat out how things will roll.

“I.. I love you, Megumi! I love the 3D (real) you!”
“That ‘real’ part is kinda unnecessary, no?”
No, well, I guess it’s partly my fault of saying it that way.
But, you don’t really have to give such a flat response to my once-in-a-lifetime confession, man…

The confession is made. Thank god it took half the time Nisekoi needed.


4 thoughts on “SPOILING Eromanga-Sensei and Saekano! I feel like a devil now.

  1. hey shoka, i dont know kato bought eye glasses for tomoya ? maybe on rokutenba mall ? i didnt see that kato bought it beecause tomoya already wearing the glasses from the beginning ? or its maybe on light novel ?


  2. Thank you so much for this post. I really appreciate it. With Yenpress, I wasn’t sure of when I would get to see the translated version…
    So does volume 12 end with the confession, meaning that Kato’s response will be in Vol 13? And what is this ‘betrayal’ that you speak of??


    1. Indeed. The 12th volume ends exactly like that – Tomoya’s confession to the main heroine!

      Her response will have to be in the volume 13 because it’s promised to be the last volume, thus ending Saekano story.

      Taking place in volume 11 and 12, Tomoya puts the second project on hold and goes to help Utaha/Eriri on Fields Chronicle XIII as Akane got struck with a stroke and becomes bedridden in hospital. Of course this doesn’t make Megumi happy in a tiny bit. To top this off, he’s gone to help them on the day he promised to take Megumi on a date for her eighteenth birthday.

      Name me one anime girl who can actually put up with this much shit from her man.

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