Poking fun at Tales of Zestitria The X Episode 25

Here we have Ian, armed with chicken, chasing Sirel to hell for teasing about her love interest. This gag is so old Eguilee’s face-palm approves of its age.

So, the final episode of the visually orgasmic series has been aired and hence concludes the run.

I honestly couldn’t take this episode seriously at all despite ufotable pulling the ‘sacrifice MC’ move. Part of this is probably because somebody out there is telling us that Sorey survives (I know about the ‘sub pact’ thing). Somebody… or just ufotable’s director being sub-par at hinting techniques. Come on, take a page out of Kyoto Animation’s directors, especially with Yamada Naoko’s recent proof of skill in Koe no Katachi.

While Tales of Zestitria the X is definitely not categorized in comedy, I don’t even think ufotable is being subtle about the huge insert of comedies here and there; I saw a bunch of them in Fate/Stay Night too.

I am somewhat sure that you probably giggled at some of the scenes you saw because frankly, this very episode is fan serviced with offense-less ‘no homo’ moments.


Kitchen or Lesbo joke in here?


Or perhaps you’re more into man love?


Only if ufotable got to handle animation for Yuri On Ice! Eeeeek!


Stuff you really have seen before

I was excited when I saw ‘action’ tag and ufotable combined. But then I got myself a Dragon Ball Z treatment where the characters, god especially damn Sorey, talked a hell lot before actually doing something meaningful. This isn’t actually any better! At least in Dragon Ball Z people trash talked to one another, here in Zestitria all you’re going to hear are cheesy-as lines, less cheesy if it ain’t Sorey speaking. Unfortunately, Sorey gets the most vocal time in any given action scene.

You can’t forget about the Super Saiyan vocal sex going on at around the 10th minute, really.


Specifically in this episode, it was not until two minutes until Heldalf did something and that was just the ‘transform to scare the hell out of you’.
Again, we’ve seen enough of that crap in Dragon Ball Z.
Thankfully this is an anime. Had it been a real RPG game (which Tales of Zestitria is), nobody will give you two minutes to power up. And in this case, nobody would give time for a boss to do that!

The fight was literally Yu-Gi-Oh! with trap and magic cards along the way. Taking turns in hitting, for action anime this is just laughable.

When the fight was no longer a ‘take turn’, it immediately became eye candy to watch.
Though, let’s meme this…

Will someone reference Naruto in this for me?
Classic, right?


However, I can actually see where ufotable is going with all of this; a somewhat faithful adaptation which will fail them again, just like Fate/Stay Night (2014).
By being faithful, ufotable is pretty much showing us how cheesy a Japanese RPG game can be. Having played a shit ton of Asian RPG’s, including Japanese ones, I can vouch that they look weird as shit the moment you turn your eyes to western RPG like Diablo. They are still fun to play though and that’s the most important thing about games – enjoyment.

And that’s exactly the landmine ufotable stepped into (twice!); great game with mechanics that just cannot be translated into animation.

Despite all the crap…

I still and always will thank ufotable, especially their digital team/department, for putting out visually stunning anime. Basic character movements were noticeably human like most of the time with one of a few exceptions being that hugging scene (GIF) I posted above – technically they’d just fall. As for character themselves, the art is always on point as if one flop or derp shot will totally ruin their streak. You can pretty much pause a ufotable anime at any second and take a screenshot, it will always be wallpaper worthy!

Tap that!


Regardless of how shitty story/setting/plot/character is, sometimes just having state of art animation will sell.

And because this is ufotable we are talking about, posting images don’t do quarter of the justice.

Glorious transformation scenes are usually considered fan service – I’ll gladly take this.


The exact last minute of this episode pretty much cleared my mind, quickly made me forget all the cringe I saw before it all.


Holy shit, beautiful!!


Frankly, not even GIF’s do three quarter of the justice.

On top of that, I did no mention of background music at all.
Let’s just say that in short; it’s freaking epic.
All the more reason to actually watch these in high frame rates (24.9fps anime standard, lol) with sound on instead of just staring at GIF’s.

Guaranteed I enjoyed the episode all the while being conscious of the fact that this episode (or Tales of Zestitria the Cross altogether) is definitely niche; it’s not for everybody.

2 thoughts on “Poking fun at Tales of Zestitria The X Episode 25

  1. Glad you enjoyed it and agree, those final moments were beautiful. However, with the narrative kind of falling apart or just plunging headlong into cliche and the characters really not doing all that much for the second half of the second season, I kind of disconnected from this series. Season 1 was fun with a few issues. Season 2 became a chore to watch. Pretty just isn’t enough to save a poor final battle. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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