Post Easter Status!

Though I should have named this ANZAC post, not many people would know that it only had to do with Australians and New Zealanders.

So I’m just going with this….

The happenings (happened, rather)


I ate too much chocolate bunnies and got food poison from it. I do wish it’d go away sooner but every time it happens, it’s never of the same duration because of how I take care (or don’t) of myself, add work into schedule and walah~ I’m screwed.

Screw you, bunny!


Like most workplaces, it got extremely busy during and even after Easter period. I’m used to that though because every year it’s rinse and repeat; Easter is the second busiest period right after Christmas, etc, etc….

For a while I wanted to go back to do more daily quests in World of Warcraft with my dick loving guildees. I also want to get my hands on that Mercy skin from the Uprising event in Overwatch, whew! Got every other skin possible but why no Mercy?!

Onto the actual real life stuff now.
Having skipped three generations, I’ve decided to order a Samsung Galaxy S8 and welcome it to my so-so-social life. Hopefully it does not blow up.

While waiting for the phone to arrive in May (since the release date, 28th, is Friday and couriers don’t work weekends), I’ll just be working my ass off everyday until Wednesday when I finally get a three day break, which means….

These can happen if I have the power


  • The leftover parts of Fan Service (*hint hint*)
  • fripSide; one word is all I need, I think…
  • Kimi no Na Wa. review since I don’t think any reviewers today have NOT reviewed it. Please go and watch it already! It can be found online, easier if you live the pirate life, yarrr. This will definitely be done around the same time as Koe no Katachi review.
  • Blasting My Headphones saga: a certain rock band and more pop stuff. I already hinted one of them!
  • Of course I can’t just leave out the WONDER section; that’s where all of this started! How about we talk virtual massively multiplayer online role playing game? in the context of anime of course, not actual games.


Okay. Got to stop right here before I accidentally leave you a warrant to come back and pull my legs to do any of the things above!

I’ll leave you in Megumin’s hand!

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