Blasting My Headphones: RADWIMPS – 前前前世 (Zen Zen Zense)

Having been astounded by ALL OFF’s Refrain Boy, I want to let in two of the more traditional rock songs that I’ve come to take huge interest in.

First up we have an insert song from the ever so high grossing anime film, 君の名は。(Kimi no Na Wa./Your Name).




Like movie, like song. It went and garnered various awards while topping Japanese charts for weeks.


Again, Japanese rock bands REALLY do care about English.


I’ve talked about this within my post on Refrain Boy, so here; the English version of the song which was re-recorded and released in January 2017.



Next one in line won’t have anything to do with anime but will be worth your time!

2 thoughts on “Blasting My Headphones: RADWIMPS – 前前前世 (Zen Zen Zense)

  1. RADWIMPS definitely did a great job doing the soundtrack for this great movie. Whether it was one of the background songs or the featured tracks like Zen Zen Zense or Sparkle, they were all nice to hear and inputted in the film well.


    1. It was all part of Shinkai’s plans, really!
      Just look back to all of his previous works – they are enough of evidence. But if you have to ask me, Zen Zen Zense definitely tops out as a pick for insert song, across all of his works.

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