Blasting My Headphones: [Alexandros] – ワタリドリ (Wataridori)

Second in line we have a rock band that loves to give behind-the-scenes on pretty much every MV.


While they don’t have a full English version, Yoohei is definitely above the cuts when it comes to English clarity in his lyrics.

Do check out other songs by them. These guys are more pop rock than pure rock but in this song, among other exceptions, it’s as clean rock as music can be.


The only cons:

Give us a full English version! Damn it!


Speaking of full English version, the next music review will hopefully be in the same pool if I don’t end up listening to too much AKB48!

No. Seriously. I’ve come to love AKB48 ever since I finished watching the anime AKB0048. and therefore an upcoming post about them is absolutely unavoidable :3

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