Blasting My Headphones: ALL OFF – リフレインボーイ (Refrain Boy)

The time when anime songs happen to be pure J-Rock is now rare. ALL OFF however managed to save us some time with their great tunes.


This seriously bad-ass rock song is used as an ending to the anime Mob Psycho 100.


Attention to the details

Yes. You did hear fluent English in there!

It’s about time really. Japanese rock bands have somewhat taken the English in their lyrics much, much more seriously than their pop counterpart. If it doesn’t sound right, the singers themselves probably aren’t satisfied either.

Taking it next level

Official English translation has been done, the band also did the song entirely in English.


Pluses (honestly I don’t have a single minus for this)

  • That guitar
  • It’s ROCK! I mean come on! Not any hard rock, pop rock or even metal; just pure, clean rock. This very genre is actually dying on mainstream.
  • Japanese and English versions available, go them!

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