Songs by Seiyuu: Following through (Part 2)

At this point (K-On! madness) it became clear that the bar to becoming a seiyuu has been raised. I’m very certain that a few paragraphs to do with ‘singing & promotional live events’ have been added in any given contract for new VA’s at the time.

I’m not saying that seiyuu cannot sing; it was more of how they were doing their one and only job before improvements were made to the overall product – the anime. The result of all this was that your average seiyuu were allowed to/could do more than just speaking for a character.

Following Kyoto Animation’s trend came more mainstream anime with seiyuu anisong(s), except that they were not made by KyoAni. Prime examples of this would be White Album series and Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
Yes, the AnoHana that you probably bawled your eyes over had an ending song done by the VA’s.

Oh boy. Stop the tears!

Someone has to carry on the tradition

And there indeed was. Maybe K-On! didn’t quite impress everyone who loved slice of life anime because it may have been too cute and whatnot.

Meet this heck of a man.

Jun Maeda. You know you’re about to see something big in anime when I mention this name…

Yes. He is the dude behind Charlotte and also the far more ancient thing it tried to copy; Angel Beats!
Since high school girl band proved success there was absolutely no reason to not dish out more of it. Although he’s very familiar with moe and fluff, he didn’t want a lot of it in Girls Dead Monster.


Naturally he carried on and used the almost exact same idea with his most recent (clone) Charlotte

Trivia: Both lead singers of Girls Dead Monster (gen 1) and ZHIEND share the same seiyuu, Miyuki Sawashiro.

Both came out as being popular, probably even more popular than the anime they were featured in (lol).

A little while later

Never forget that there’s always someone crazy out there, ready to pitch ideas that will make or break. I won’t say anything more and leave you with this:

Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai


What’s crazy about this?

Well, you see. This anime, throughout its two seasons, has only two openings both done by ClariS but a staggering THIRTY TWO ending songs, all of which are done by the characters of the anime. Oh right, seiyuu.

Still though, I won’t recommend you to watch the anime just because of its openings and endings but rather… this: SPOILER ALERT since I cannot hide it…


Cat fight?!

Pretty savage for a Rom-Com… Reow!

Wasn’t so much of anime but eventually became one

Anime fans eventually caught on the trend and started supporting seiyuu who were willing to do more than just voicing a character. All of this led to many seiyuu signed to record labels and producing singles in their own time when they weren’t working on anime. Well, this made a seiyuu no different to your typical idol now didn’t it? That’s right! Hence started the big idea of popular seiyuu = idol. I’d be surprised if you call yourself a hardcore anime fan but haven’t heard of either Kana Hanazawa or even Saori Hayami.
Again don’t forget that there’s always someone out there pitching crazy ideas on the table. Idols already existed during that time but wasn’t so much of a thing in anime. THE iDOLM@STER franchise brought the idea to the mass first via a game and eventually anime.

Yes yes. You played a big part in this but you’re not a freaking anime.

However, the next big thing was only a few years in waiting.

To be continued!

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