Songs by Seiyuu: What was the deal then? (Part 1)

I think that I’ll be doing this in three or four parts instead of a one big and long post, for personal reasons…

From about this time (Japan’s 2017 winter anime season) and onward, it is safe to say that you’ll never again, come across a season without at least two or three anime titles having an opening/ending or even insert songs with the vocals of a seiyuu. I’m more favored towards this trend than not, are you?

The Credits

You really have K-On! to thank for majorly contributing to this massive change in anime industry.


Though majority of the credits would have gone to nowhere else but here (you’ve probably spent too much time for shounen stuff if you haven’t seen this already).

But then you would also think that anime revolutionized itself?
Hah. Half true.
If your childhood was truly awesome then you would not forget something that came before the two things I mentioned, had a high school setting and was heavily involved with music sung by the castsOh and it’s not an anime!

At the time it would seem like a ridiculous idea having a non-professional (subjective) doing the vocals for something with massive sales in mind. Just remember this; music is really a big part of anime. I don’t know how long it took but eventually someone in Japan had taken a step forward and gave seiyuu-singing a green light. Haruhi Suzumiya in fact was not the first anime to go with the idea (this was) but it definitely was one of the first to show potential in the idea, basically giving a starting push for a greater outcome that was K-On! (being the first anime in history that had character song album reached No. 1 in the Japanese Oricon weekly charts and a few other anime first achievements).

Remember how my friends and I did an ending song together? Remember?!

Kyoto Animation at it again!

Yeap. These boys were mostly responsible for this good change. On top of fully establishing a moe army in anime, they have started the flame on the otaku world with the Hare Hare Yukai and then set the anime world on full fire with the entity of K-On!

Moe moe…kyun!

They did not stop there. Every (subject to change!) subsequent anime produced by this particular studio has had seiyuu doing either the opening, the ending, the insert songs, two of the three or even all of them, heck!

Naturally, everyone else followed through… Why wouldn’t they?

….to be continued.

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