ClariS then, ClareN now!

I apologize if you didn’t get the pun on that. Let me go ahead and clarify a few things regarding their existence…

2D girls, yeah! ❤

The formation


It happened in 2009 when two middle school girls thought it was a good idea that they’d do anime and Vocaloid song covers. Their hobby lasted for just over a year until Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Records of Japan have them signed into a contract which lasted until early 2017. They are currently signed to Sacra Music label which is still under SME (the hell?).


Middle school girls, you say?


Yes, they were really in middle school at the time they started professionally dishing out songs for us. This literally puts them on the same boat as Justin Bieber who, unlike these two, got into so much crap when starting early. I could go on about why that was the case without bashing on Bieber but it’d be a waste of time and effort because haters gonna hate. The two are also singing pop and predominently, love songs.


Right, the name’s cute and all but where’s the real name?!


Haha, of course not! The unit ClariS was originally formed with Clara and Alice. Again, these are not their real names for a reason that I can probably explain 😦
Alice later left the unit to focus on her study but Clara decided that the unit wasn’t going to see its end any time soon (thank god!). Luckily at the time there was another girl who stayed by their side ever since their times in music school. Clara personally nominated her to succeed Alice as the second member of ClariS (there’s a surprising difference to replacing and succeeding, leaving and graduating in Japanese entertainment industry). She went by the name Karen. I hope you get the pun on the title now… please do!


Japan versus the rest of the world on anonymity


They have it hard, I tell you. Being a small first world country while having large population and (get this one) most definitely well established entertainment industry, if you end up famous there’s absolutely no going back without a form of miracle. With all that being said, ClariS was no exception to this. They, having to start at young age, resort to ways that can keep themselves anonymous for as long as they can.


Where has this got them to?


If you are an anime fan but have not heard anything from these girls then I suggest you have a try, please! There’s a good chance that you’ll like them as much as I do. Hell, when I first listen to them via Nisekoi opening I initially thought that they were just some no-name, freelance anisong artist.

ClariS x Nisekoi


Reading this, I’m sure you’ve figured out that I was so damn wrong about them. On top of producing top quality and somewhat unique pop tracks, ClariS is still sticking to their roots; that is to do cover songs. The unit is only going to be more and more famous as you read on.

But wait! I’ve just told you about their hardships of being famous. So how are they coping with all of that?

I hope you liked the post reading down this far; it’s about to get cranky from here on…


ClariS… live?!


Oh boy. Yes. It does happen. That’s pretty much the best they can do to prove that they are indeed not some adults who happened to bear voices of a teenager but the other way around.

Not sure if this is better or worse than Hatsune Miku live…

More live concerts!


The girls aren’t immune to the natural thing called age(ing). As they get older I feel as if they are going to eventually rip it all out together, names, faces and all that.

Sia has got nothing on these two, I dare say!

Who or what do these girls remind you of?

The Extreme Daft Punk of Japan, anyone?

And when I say extreme, take a guess. 😛

In Nippon Budokan 2017

Still doubting their age?
Lady Gaga approves.



Once again, I hope that you liked reading this as I’m definitely not stopping here. Who goes on idolizing someone without having a list of things they love about them? In my case, it’ll clearly be a song list.

Stay fresh! 🙂

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